Time to Sparkle

Ways to serve the hottest drink on the market

In case you haven’t noticed the cases of LaCroix stockpiled at your local grocery store, sparkling water is having a major moment. That’s right, water with bubbles is the new soda: According to data from Euromonitor International, the volume of carbonated bottled water sold in the U.S. increased by 56.4 percent between 2009 and 2014, with soda sales declining sharply during that same period. That’s a great thing for people’s waistlines, and also an exciting option for your meeting, no matter what its purpose. For your event to really sparkle, try these fun ways to incorporate the bubbly beverage into your menu.

Simply Served

The best way to get your meeting attendees to reach for something healthier than soda: Give them the options. Whether it’s the aforementioned LaCroix or your local grocer’s brand, Perrier or Pellegrino, sparkling water comes in a long list of flavors. Make them available by the bottle or can during long meetings or on display at lunchtime. 

Amplify the Flavor

Spa water—H2O flavored with yummies like cucumber and strawberry—is always in favor, but why not kick it up a notch? Take black cherry sparkling water and serve it with black cherries; lemon-flavored bubbly with lemons or complementing flavors like basil or ginger; or sparkling raspberry with frozen raspberry puree. There is no shortage of recipes to be found with sparkling water as the main ingredient, so get creative!

Vessel Variety 

Let’s be honest, the fizzy water is pretty good straight out of the bottle, but for your event, you might want to dress it up. For a summery soiree, serve it out of a tapped watermelon (taking in some of the fruit flavor as a yummy bonus!). Display it in glass bottles featuring fruits and vegetables (as explained above), or add flowers for a pretty twist. If it looks good, guests are going to want to try it! 

Mix It Up

Where there’s a popular beverage, a long list of cocktail options will follow. Craft a happy hour with a menu of bubbly water-based libations—trust us, there’s no shortage of recipes just a few keystrokes away. Pick your poison, from vodka to rum, wine spritzers to flavored liqueurs, and plenty of fruit garnishes shared by all. Or, try these options presented by LaCroix—mocktails, too—the hardest part is deciding which ones to make!