Tips for Team-Building and Morale-Boosting Activities

Coordinate activities that boost interactivity, team building and attendee morale!

Meetings and intensive working sessions are always better when attendees are supportive of each other. Yet all too often meetings leave little time for interaction and team-building activities, both of which can do wonders for attendees’ morale and productivity.

Even when the schedule is tight, carve out a few minutes and encourage attendees to do one of the following morale-boosting activities inspired by a Muse article. You’ll quickly see moods lighten and productivity soar!

3 Quick Morale-Boosting Activities

Sticky note inspiration: Supply sticky notes and markers and have attendees write an encouraging message or inspirational note to share with a fellow attendee. Have attendees stick the notes on participants’ meeting materials. You may be surprised how many people pass out more than one note without being prompted!


Email affirmations: Have a quieter, more private group? Ask each person to send a short email to another attendee to say “good job,” “thank you,” or compliment him or her on their organization or good ideas. (Extra points for funny photos, video clips or GIFs.)


Sweet Tweets: Take your encouragement to the digital space! Ask attendees who are active on Twitter to give a shout-out to an exceptional colleague at least once during the course of the meeting or conference. Having a notification pop up with an uplifting message is sure to brighten any attendee’s mood.