’Tis the Sweet Season

Dessert spreads for your holiday soiree

’Tis the season of indulging! Calories don’t count around the holidays, right? In all seriousness, it’s not only nice to offer an array of sweet treats at a holiday party, it’s also expected. What’s decking the halls without cookies, chocolate and cake? That’s why, as you make plans for your end-of-the-year soiree, you shouldn’t skimp on your dessert table. Straight from our Inspiration Gallery, here are seven ways to make the good stuff look even better. 

Do Something Different

As part of your dessert spread, look to do something that’s a departure from the expected. These dessert cones are the perfect idea, and can even be filled with fresh fruits, offering something a bit healthier to go along with all that sugar.

Offer Takeaways

Guests might get their fill of the sweet stuff at the party, but why not send them home with some, too? Takeaways, like these jarred desserts, make for excellent celebration mementos for your event. 

Bite-Sized Delights

An assortment of bite-sized treats—like these macarons and macaroons—means guests can grab and go as they socialize the night away (while inevitably coming back for more).

Edible Art

Pre-plated dessert options, like the one pictured here, allow the pastry chef to construct a theme and design edible art. We think the cranberry topper paired with the luscious green treat looks very holiday appropriate, don’t you?

Color Block

Choosing a color scheme—red, in this case—will help your dessert display be visually impactful. It will also help with deciding your menu. (Hint: Red velvet cake is a no-brainer here.)

DIY Delicious

A make-your-own element included in your sweet spread will offer fun networking opportunities, built right into dessert time. Try chocolate-covered bananas, marshmallows or ice cream, complete with plenty of toppings.

Go Big

One of the easiest ways to really impress guests with your dessert display is to just make it big—really big. Stock a centralized table (or room!) with a large variety of sweets to treat every taste bud in attendance.