Top 3 Reasons Why Your Event Needs a Selfie Station

Ahead of National Selfie Day, here’s why—and how—to bring a selfie station to your event

Selfie stations—in all their shapes and sizes—are becoming increasingly popular at events. So, in honor of National Selfie Day on June 21, let’s explore three ways your event can benefit from a selfie station.

1. It’ll keep guests mingling.

Having a selfie station at your meeting will give attendees—especially those who might not know one another—a point of commonality and a simple conversation starter. In addition, if attendees get pulled into a selfie station shoot with attendees they don’t know, that’s sure to get the networking ball rolling.

2. It’ll extend your meeting’s reach on social media. 

A picture’s worth a thousand words, right? Attendees will want to share their goofy and fun photos with others—at the event and online. Seek out photo companies with the technology to allow attendees to email the photos to themselves, or find a partner that allows on-site photo printing. Either way, guests will have a branded souvenir of the event to share on their social networks—which means getting your meeting in front of new audiences and extending its reach online.

3. It’ll pump up the “fun” factor.

Although there is more to a selfie station than entertainment value, creating a fun experience for guests is still an important part of hosting a memorable event. Selfie stations will keep guests engaged and entertained—and hopefully the novelty of the experience will have them talking long after they’ve left the event.

Selfie Station Setup

You’ve heard the benefits—now, what does it take to pull off a selfie station? 

If you’re not working with a photography partner, start by blocking off an area of your event space where attendees can gather for pictures without feeling crowded. Set up backdrops, lighting fixtures and a table for props, such as hats, sunglasses and signage. Consider using a camera with a remote control so attendees can take pictures on their own. (For those who might be camera-shy, not having a photographer snapping the pics might also help them relax in front of the lens.)