See which event components are most important to Generation X event planners in selecting a venue.

Top 5 Site Considerations for Generation X Planners

See which event components are most important to Generation X event planners in selecting a venue.

Events planners weigh a number of elements when selecting where to host an event. But what do they value most when making their decision? A recent generational survey of meeting planners in Australia and Asia by the International Association of Conference Centres identified the following meeting factors as the top priority for Generation X planners, who constituted the largest segment of respondents.  

1. Location. Location is the most important factor for Generation X planners. Professionals want access to off-site activities, so area attractions and special events are important aspects to consider in  selecting a property. Most planners are sensitive to conference attendees' ages and want to make sure the venue is appropriate for the audience, so variety is key.


2. Accessibility. As they age, Generation Xers are becoming more cognizant of how they access  meeting venues. (Not surprising, this was a top priority for planners ages 47 and up.) Attendees look for mobility features, such as ramps and elevators, and tools such as Marriott’s eSSENTIAL Accessibility can help them get the most of their event experience with technological assistance.


3. Quality of food and beverages. Generation Xers were the group most focused on food and beverages. (Baby boomers, the only other generation to rank it, don't value it as much.) Creative options, such as bite-sized snacks or thematic menus, can create a “wow” effect. Or highlight signature cocktails for an inspired networking happy hour.


4. Technology. Although it's a higher priority for millennials and Generation Zers, technology still matters to Generation X planners when they're selecting meeting venues. Stay on top of emerging trends, such as year-round communities and social media-worthy experiences, to create events that will generate buzz.


5. Design. Generation Xers are looking primarily for spaces that can accommodate break-out rooms, provide informal seating arrangements for better conversations and facilitate education or training seminars. The right setup can make a meeting more productive, so planners should also think about what they’re hoping to accomplish with an event as part of the planning process.