Top App Functions for 2015

Three key ways apps helped keep event planners at the top of their game this year.

Mobile apps are expected to become an even greater component of event planning in 2016 than they have been thus far. See what tools are most popular among planners to determine which might work best for you.

Eliminate Language Barriers

Global events offer a great opportunity to bring together a wide range of viewpoints and fresh perspectives, but it can be hard for people to generate strong discussions if it’s difficult to communicate. Make sure you can assist with the basics by using a translation app. Waygo Translator & Dictionary and Google Translate are free to use, and they’re compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Track Budgets

Event expenses can quickly add up if they’re not properly tracked. Make sure you stay on top of things by using a digital budget-planning tool. Software such as Planning Pod, which is available for desktops and tablets, allows you to track not only budgets but also tasks such as time schedules and to-do lists. Dedicated expense-report apps, such as Expensify, also are available to help manage your team’s expenses.

Marriott is also adding new functions to its Meeting Services App to streamline the invoicing process.

Organize Your Files

Binders may have been handy in the past, but now there are apps such as Evernote to help keep files right where you need them — on your phone. Jot down notes, store images and website links, and file documents all in one location for easy organization and access.

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