Top Event Themes of 2015

See what event themes were most popular in 2015.

See popular images from our Inspiration Gallery this past year for a snapshot of what themes were hot in 2015 and how you can incorporate them into your next event.


Whether it's a throwback to a specific decade or just a general frame of mind, nostalgia affects attendees in powerful ways. In addition to providing instant connections, vintage themes can also promote spending







Guests will be ready to go for broke with delicious buffets sporting casino-based themes. Expand on the motif with thematic foods and creative backdrops for the perfect event photo.








Transport attendees to a different locale with cultural themes, such as this Mayan tribute, complete with temple, faux ruins and tropical plants. Even subtle decor, such as hookahs and colorful accents, can have a major effect.







Sports themes call to mind strong meeting components such as teamwork, success and strategy. Use games, equipment or even just equipment-inspired elements, such as soccer ball-imprinted buns, to empower guests to work toward their goals.







Back to School

Encourage an atmosphere of learning by incorporating school-themed items into your next meeting setup. Classic school supplies, such as rulers, pencils and erasers, are a great start. Consider adding a chalkboard or coloring activities for added effect.