Top Green Meeting Trends

See what today’s meeting venues are providing and what to look for when searching for sustainable locations.

“Going green” is a growing trend in the events planning space, thanks in part to elements such as digital marketing availability, more efficient lighting (think CFLs and LEDs) and reusable drinkware. But just how green are meeting venues becoming?


The second annual Green Venue Report notes that of the 30 international convention centers surveyed, 90 percent “have achieved or are working toward green building certifications, such as LEED.” One-third have green roofs, and 42 percent produce renewable energy on-site.


The majority also support green transportation: Two-thirds have electric vehicle charging stations, and 87 percent have secure bicycle parking. Most participate in a local sustainability program (85 percent) as well and have a dedicated sustainability coordinator or manager (70 percent).


Other sustainable practices include participating in food donation programs (80 percent), using green cleaning products (76 percent) and tracking event-specific waste and energy and water consumption. 

Trying to determine how “green” a venue is? Event Manager Blog recommends looking at the following items:

  • Providing water stations as opposed to individual bottles
  • Centralizing supplies, such as pens and pads, for attendees to grab as needed instead of furnishing each attendee with a set
  • Supplying clearly marked recycle bins
  • Minimizing disposable drinkware and serving items
  • Installing occupancy sensors in guest rooms to keep lights on only when needed
  • Using low-flow bathroom fixtures


Green meetings are also expanding to include health and wellness, so look for venues with sustainable food options and opportunities to enjoy fitness and outdoor experiences.