Top Techniques for Promoting Your Upcoming Event

Use a variety of media to spread the word about your networking event, fundraiser or conference.

Whether you’re planning a charity event, networking cocktail hour, reception or conference, getting the word out about your meeting can be a big challenge. To adequately promote an event, planners need to target potential attendees using a variety of media.

Here are 5 ways to get attention for your event:

Partnerships: Working with local businesses and nonprofits is a great way to promote your event. Local small businesses—including retail stores, restaurants and bakeries—could donate to the event, furnish booths or participate as vendors or suppliers. Other businesses or nonprofits might be interested in co-sponsoring the event.

In either scenario—whether co-sponsoring or participating—these local partners can help drum up enthusiasm, sell tickets and bring in attendees.

Social Media: Use social media channels to promote your meeting or event. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram can be critical tools in getting the word out about your event. Use your personal and your organization’s social network, or create new accounts on these channels dedicated to the event.

Traditional Media: Though social media and digital promotion are all the rage, consider traditional media channels as well—including newspapers, local magazines, flyers and college publications—especially if your intended audience skews older. Local radio and television stations also are great options for event promotion.

Attract Attendees with Entertainment: Many people attend meetings, conferences, receptions and fundraisers just to see a keynote speaker, headlining performer or featured comedian—so make sure the entertainment is buzz-worthy.

Word of Mouth: Don’t discredit the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Talk up your event to friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances—and encourage them to do the same.