Twitter Is Great Again

Twitter is all the rage again, here’s how to use it to engage new audiences.

Thanks to a certain new president and his relentless tweeting, Twitter is all the rage again. The 11-year-old social platform had 317 million monthly active users as of third quarter 2016, and with engagement metrics surging there’s no sign of it slowing down. As the platform continues to evolve, understanding its capabilities for your own business will be crucial. Here are three ideas that will help you gain traction. 

Host a Twitter Chat

Twitter chats—live Twitter events that are moderated and focused around a topic—are an easy way to engage multiple users in real time and receive essential feedback on your event. All you need to do is set a time to start the chat and use a memorable hashtag to help filter all the other conversations on Twitter. Reference Social Media Examiner’s step-by-step guide if you’re looking to tackle this type of social media—and remember to use multiple platforms to promote your event. 

Analyze Your Followers

Part of attracting a greater audience is understanding who is currently attracted to your brand. Twitter analytics can provide users with:

  • a regional breakdown of where followers live and at what times users most frequently engage with your content to optimize timing for messages;

  • what brands users follow to help determine competition and shared interests;

  • how users are engaging with content — not only favorites versus retweets, but also whether they’re clicking on hashtags, links or embedded media;

  • which users are engaging with your content the most; and

  • what types of tweets are producing the best engagement.  

Manage a contest

For marketing in general, incentive-fueled contests have traditionally been a tried-and-true method for driving engagement. But with the help of real-time reactions on Twitter, and a lack of time-consuming online forms, those numbers have the potential to go through the roof. 

Here are a few basic pointers to get you started: 

  • First, pinpoint your objective. What do you want your contest to achieve? Will that include increased business, followers, or website clicks?

  • Next, pick your price. You’ll want to tout this succinctly in your tweets. Will the prize be relevant to your business, or will it be something different entirely?

  • Manage your rules and regulations. Design the parameters of your contest. How will the contestants enter, and through what vehicle? Consider adding an email address for lengthier entries.

  • Measure the results. Tap into Twitter analytics to review your contest’s success beyond the number of entries and re-tweets.

By knowing more about your users, you can tailor your messages to include relevant topics and additional media (such as video and images) for better engagement and, ultimately, better returns for marketing campaigns.