Use Eventstagram to Conduct Successful Meetings

For a more engaging and productive event, capitalize on social photo sharing.

Everyone loves Instagram, right? Meeting attendees and event guests are constantly snapping photos with their smartphones and immediately posting them to Instagram. It’s time for meeting planners to capitalize on this behavior!

Enter: Eventstagram! Eventstagram draws from the popularity of Instagram to create a social media feed unique to your event. All you need is an event hashtag, Internet connection, a screen to display the feed and social-ready attendees.

Any photo posted to a public Instagram account using the custom event hashtag will show up in the Eventstagram feed, which you’ll have displayed on a large screen.

4 Ways to Use Eventstagram by Meeting Purpose

Celebrate & Network: Use Eventstagram at celebratory and social events to capture attendee excitement and display event activities. Displaying the Eventstagram feed will help keep energy high and attendees engaged with the event’s entertainment.

Promote: Using Eventstagram at a Promote event is a great way to get the word out about your company or product. Encourage guests to post photos with a new product, in front of a branded step-and-repeat or with some swag bearing your company logo.

Educate: Displaying an Eventstagram feed on a screen during an educational meeting, training session or conference can inspire the learning process. Ask attendees to post photos of their experience, what they learned and how they learned it.

Produce: Displaying Eventstagram at a Produce meeting could boost productivity. Attendees could showcase their new product, design, proposal or idea via photo. Featuring the creative process could inspire others to come up with new ideas, benefiting the meeting as a whole.