VR Comes to Meetings

Virtual reality can take your audience to another place and time.

Heard all the hoopla about virtual reality? Surely you have. And if you thought the technology was just for gamers, think again. You can make use of this innovation as an added element at your next meeting.

To Educate

Imagine not only being able to teach an audience about a particular subject, but to show them everything they need to see about it—all without leaving the room. The saying that a picture is worth a thousand words can be amplified when that picture becomes a 3D experience.

To Demonstrate

Say you’re promoting a new product or service, one that isn’t particularly tangible. Perhaps it’s travel insurance or maybe it’s even meeting planning.

There’s no better way to showcase how that product can be useful than to put your guests right in the middle of the action. Virtual reality can be used to simulate situations that would call for products such as travel insurance, and it could also be used to put guests right in a meeting planner’s shoes. What an interesting concept to see how they would react!

To Initiate

Kick those stale icebreakers to the curb and try something a little high tech! Using VR at your Network meeting could certainly offer a more exciting, memorable way to get guests to interact with one another. Send them on an adventure together or have them work to solve problems (this would also work well in a Decide or Produce meeting to get minds moving), and they might forget that the event is taking place in a conference room and not in some far-off adventureland.

To Celebrate

Virtual reality has a wide range of uses, and sometimes that use is fun. If your meeting includes a celebratory event, your might use VR to enhance the theme. Celebrate a big sales year by taking your guests on an around-the-world cruise (on a budget, of course!) or let folks walk around the office and get to applaud colleagues who work so hard behind the scenes. Whatever the occasion for celebrating may be, there’s a VR element you could try.