Ways to Keep Attendees Hydrated, Refreshed and Cool

You’ll want to read this before planning a warm-weather meeting

From gorgeous outdoor venues to menus full of fresh fruits and veggies, holding a summertime or warm-weather event comes packed with benefits. But all that sunshine does bring with it a caveat: the heat. 

Before you break out the SPF 50, there’s an even more critical component to beating the heat—one that comes from within. Whether it’s heat exhaustion, cramps or, in extreme cases, heatstroke, some of the most dangerous heat-related ailments are side effects of dehydration. 

To ensure your attendees stay happy, healthy and hydrated, we’ve outlined five ways to keep them comfortable during warm-weather meetings. 

1. Have water, water everywhere (and many drops to drink)

Like the savvy, health-conscious planner you are, you know that having accessible water for attendees is crucial for any event. But when temps start to increase, naturally, the amount of water your guests should be guzzling should be upped, too. Encourage them to down one to two glasses (a fun, fruit-garnished presentation will help!) each hour to combat any signs of dehydration.

2. … and maybe some milk, too—just trust us!

According to The New York Times, whole milk and fat-free milk have a significantly higher hydration index than plain old H20. But unless you’re entertaining the toddler set, the straight stuff might not go over so well. Try mixing milk into a creamy and refreshing horchata, or the Dominican Republic’s Morir Soñando, which also calls for orange juice—another high-hydration liquid cited in the article. 

3. Make drinking water actually fun

Some attendees will walk into your event already chugging water from a monogrammed aluminum bottle. Others will ask where the cocktails and hors d’oeuvres are. For the latter, try spicing up plain H20 by infusing it with fruits and herbs. Even better––you can quickly transition these infused drinks into nighttime adult beverages if need be! 

4. Feast on fruit

Although fun fruit garnishes will help lead the horses to water, so to speak, you can’t always make them drink. To cover your bases, consider stocking those same water stands with a bounty of fresh, juicy fruits—which are packed with plenty of water to hydrate your attendees.

5. Allow frequent (and accessible) bathroom breaks 

Granted, there’s likely a lot to cover on your meeting agenda; we totally get that. But if your meeting will be a long one, don’t forget to allow guests frequent bathroom breaks. What’s more, make sure those bathrooms are accessible and easy to find for attendees—so nobody gets lost during intermission, hydrated or not!