Welcome Desks That Wow

Make the right first impression, no matter what kind of meeting you’re planning.

We all know the importance of making a good first impression. And when it comes to putting on an event, your entrance plays a major role, too. No matter the purpose of your meeting, a creative entrance — from check-in desk to welcome cocktail to registration — can set the tone for the whole event. Here are some ideas on how to get it right.

Check Into Paradise

A themed registration desk can suit almost any meeting purpose — and can be themed accordingly. This one, with its straw hats and calming beachy adornments, lets guests know they’re in for something very special. 

Step Into the Past 

Checking in … to an era gone by? Vintage touches, such as the typewriter pictured at this check-in desk, play up a theme that fits right into any meeting purpose.  

Walk the Walk

A fun option for your event with the purpose to Network, this runway-style entrance sends guests straight down the catwalk as their names are announced post check-in. What better way to make an introduction? 

Drawn Out

A hand-drawn welcome sign is a great way to let guests know they’re in for some creative fun — perfect for your meeting with the purpose to Ideate or Produce. Take it one step further by asking guests to add to the white board at check-in. For a Network event, attendees can draw their names or likenesses, and for a Celebrate event, they can write well wishes on the board. 

The Band Played On

A simple check-in desk is all you need when you have a welcoming band in tow. Ideal for getting the celebration started, live entertainment like this one will play guests right into your event — literally.