What an Artful Touch Can Do for Your Meeting

Grab the paintbrush—here’s how to bring art into your events

Creativity can be one of the most important aspects of event planning, as new, innovative ideas often lead to meeting experiences that leave guests in awe and keep them coming back time and time again.

Art is the same way. It can be both stimulating and inspiring—studies have shown that art stimulates and boosts brain power, and makes people feel connected—which is why around 32 million Americans alone visit art museums every year.

For your next event, think about how you can capitalize on this sense of creativity and artistry to make your meeting more fulfilling. In case you’re lacking inspiration, we’ve got a few ideas on how to do it:

Host a Pop-Up Art Gallery

Instead of making an art museum the backdrop of your meeting, bring the art museum to your guests by creating a gallery at your venue. Invite local artists to submit their work beforehand, then work with your event manager to create a display setup that works in the event space.

Hosting a pop-up gallery will also ensure that guests are walking around the room and checking out the rest of the event space, and for Network events especially, the art can serve as a point of conversation among attendees.

Make Guests the Artists …

Let attendees get in touch with their creative side by having them produce art themselves. Be it a painting breakout session or stations set up for crafts, attendees will have fun playing van Gogh for the day.

To inspire more teamwork, divide attendees into teams for an art contest. For example, each team might be tasked with creating a work of art that best exemplifies the meeting purpose. Give the guests the tools they need, set a time limit and let them work together to create something. The contest will not only infuse a healthy dose of competition into the event, but it will also encourage collaboration and team building.

… or Let Guests Be the Muse

Be it a lack of artistic skill or embarrassment of not being the next Pablo Picasso, there’s a chance that not all attendees will want to indulge in their artistic side—but that doesn’t mean they can’t reap art’s benefits. Instead of making attendees the artist, commission a professional artist to create a work inspired by the event. That could mean a real-time painting of the meeting itself, or a caricature artist capturing attendees having fun, which guests can then take home as a meeting memento.