When Your Purpose Is to Decide

The goal: Establish a trusting environment to promote the right dialogue.

Bringing people together to make decisions is more complex in a global, virtual world. Effective decision-making meetings integrate virtual attendees seamlessly, create social environments for discussion and stay focused on the topic at hand.

Defining an organization’s growth plan, reviewing and selecting a design scheme for that new corporate headquarters, analyzing the year’s revenue data and fleshing out next year’s goals. These are Decide meetings—at the end, the participants often hope (perhaps, need) to reach consensus.

When planning such meetings, you must appeal to the yin and yang of how people work to reach a decision.

You’ll want to think about providing both formal and informal room plans, for instance, to facilitate group and one-on-one communications. Plus, don’t forget to lay in elements that will help everyone stay focused so they can meet their goals.

EXPERT TIP: Meals are when the real decisions happen. Executives use this time to discuss business in an intimate setting, such as a private dining room or chef’s table.—Brad Nelson, Corporate Chef, Marriott International