When Your Purpose Is to Educate

The goal: Drive interaction among participants to ensure information retention.

Learning happens through collaboration, teamwork and interaction. You want to engage your attendees through innovative space use and dynamic experiences.

A team development session, a training breakout at a conference, a company off-site retreat—all are examples of Educate meetings.

When planning this meeting type, your room design should promote collaboration, and a key consideration will be the best ways to use and integrate technology to engage your participants.

The notion of the “sage on the stage” is long gone. An Educate meeting might include group discussions, problem solving and role-play. The aim here is to let attendees discover, reflect and apply what they’ve learned.

EXPERT TIP: Shared screens or visuals at each table can increase visibility and sound. Plus, they influence learning: 91% of content is retained when seen and heard, versus 20% when read only.—Emily Fernandez, Director of Event Planning, Gaithersburg Marriott Washingtonian Center