When Your Purpose Is to Ideate

The goal: Lay out an open and informal space to spark creativity.

People become the most willing to share their thoughts and brainstorm when they are at ease. You can foster a sense of well-being and promote creativity by providing a welcoming and relaxed environment.

When is a meeting or event aimed at generating ideas? When isn’t it? A few examples include a small-group session to reinvent a brand, a large conference to crowd-source a product or service evolution strategy or a basic (yet critical) monthly planning meeting.

An Ideate meeting often requires encouraging people to become involved with others in the same space. Food can be a catalyst because fun and interactive dining experiences bring people together naturally.

But don’t forget to deploy tech and AV tools that let attendees view, share and save ideas on the fly—creative sessions can be fast-paced and iterative.


EXPERT TIP: Nontraditional workspaces can release the imagination—take advantage of rooftop terraces for breakout sessions and poolside lounges for brainstorming, for instance.—Fabrice Balmelle, Director of Event Planning and Operations, Tysons Corner Marriott