When Your Purpose Is to Produce

The goal: Set the stage for participants to roll up their sleeves and get a job done.

Meetings held offsite offer the unique opportunity for intense collaboration to complete a critical task. They can improve productivity by limiting distractions and optimizing team dynamics.

The drivers for a Produce meeting are numerous: a major proposal with a short turnaround, finessing the final design elements of a new product, even planning the details of a large event.

One common theme of most such gatherings is group size. It’s typically smaller—eight to 12 people can get a job done more agilely than one with dozens of participants.

You’ll want to think about creating a seamless environment,

one in which the space, food and drink, and even the technology and supplies effortlessly support the purpose at hand: completing a task.


EXPERT TIP: Whiteboards, Post-its, paper and pens are a must, but also have printers, connectors, and thumb drives for both PCs and Macs, for sharing from personal devices.—Fabrice Balmelle, Director of Event Planning and Operations, Tysons Corner Marriott