When Your Purpose Is to Promote

The goal: Create a setting that will deliver memorable and impactful experiences.

To bring a brand to life, an event must generate excitement through a unique mix of social and hands-on experiences that reflect the brand. Success hinges on making genuine connections with customers or colleagues.

A Promote meeting will showcase your brand to create lasting impressions. Some possible events or meetings in this category might include a new product launch, a team-building day or a partner gathering.

Such meetings require making an impact; think dramatic visuals and big reveals. But you’ll also want to consider some hands-on experiences and unique elements to make your Promote event memorable.


EXPERT TIP: Create drama and elevate energy levels with lighting and sound. The right entrance music can heighten alertness (60 to 70 beats per minute), while special klieg or spot lighting can build anticipation.—Wayne Williams, Director of Event Management, Atlanta Marriott Marquis