Which Livestream Tech Is Right for Your Event?

Five broadcasting apps to try for livestreaming success

Many meetings are going digital, and it’s easy to see why: Livestreaming has made it so events are no longer constrained to the four walls of their meeting spaces. In other words: A digital meeting experience means the ability to reach more attendees, near, far—wherever they are.

As with other technology, the key to a successful livestream is choosing the right solution for a seamless streaming experience. Depending on the meeting, here’s what software you should try:

If the event has a large social following, try Facebook or Instagram Live.

If social media is a large part of your event marketing strategy—and you’ve got the followers to prove it—consider Facebook or Instagram Live. Neither platform requires additional apps or equipment: You just log in to your account on a mobile device and get streaming. Bonus: The platforms will send push notifications directly to followers when the livestream starts, so they don’t miss out on the fun.  

If the event is long and will be captured via mobile device, try Periscope.

Like Facebook and Instagram Live, Periscope allows for easy streaming on mobile devices. Unlike the social platforms, Periscope doesn’t have a time limit (Instagram Live streams stop at one hour, and mobile Facebook Live streams end at four hours). The downside: Periscope does require attendees to sign up and view the stream on a separate app. Make sure to include download and sign-up information in your pre-meeting communications to ensure remote guests have access to the video before you hit record. 

If the event includes a trade show, try 6Connex.

Hosting a trade show, career fair or another multi-booth or multi-room event? 6Connex extends the same experience to virtual attendees. Remote attendees are greeted by a virtual meeting host in a virtual event lobby, from which they can then navigate from booth to booth or room to room. Planners also have the opportunity to customize their virtual meeting environment, which can help create a consistent experience among in-person and online guests. 

If the event requires video editing technology, try Ustream

For planners who are looking to repurpose livestream video, Ustream, an IBM product, has built-in editing capabilities. Come post-event, planners can trim out transitions or cut down the video into smaller segments to post on their meeting websites and social media or use the clips in other marketing material.  

If the event needs a comprehensive livestream solution, try Livestream.

Need a little bit of all of the above? Livestream offers a comprehensive, integrative livestreaming platform that works alongside social media, your meeting website, apps and other solutions.