Why Face-to-Face Meetings Matter

Virtual meetings are growing in popularity, but are they as effective as in-person gatherings?

Technological advancements and the global nature of many businesses mean virtual and hybrid meetings are often a necessity — but that doesn’t make face-to-face meetings less valuable. An infographic from CT Business Travel and NeoMam Studios highlights why face-to-face meetings are still the way to go.

Click here to see the full infographic, and read on for some statistics and highlights that prove in-person meetings matter!

  • 95 percent of professionals believe face-to-face meetings are key to successful business relationships.


  • 47 percent of professionals said that they've lost a contract or client because they didn't allow for enough face time. 


  • 80 percent of millennials and 78 percent of Gen Xers prefer face-to-face meetings.


  • 69 percent of people admit to browsing social media to pass the time during audio-only conference calls.
  • The benefits of face-to-face meetings include:

- Ability to read emotion and body language

- Opportunities for sideline conversations, which can help team members make decisions

- Chance to show personality and use humor

- Opportunity to judge other people’s skills

- Trust is built faster face-to-face, research has shown

  • Technology cannot replace these three vital aspects of face-to-face meetings:

- Handshake

- First impression

- Body language