Why Water Works

How to get more H2O

You’ve long heard about the importance of staying hydrated for health, but did you also know that it can sharpen your mind? According to a study by the University of East London, alleviating your thirst can free up your brain for more important things — rather than trying to tell the body it’s thirsty, it can focus on the task at hand: Your meeting. But it’s not always easy to convince people to drink an adequate amount of water. From our Inspiration Gallery, here are some fun ways to keep attendees hydrated without feeling like they’re being forced to do so. 

Full of Flavor 

As odd as it sounds, some people just don’t enjoy the “taste” of water. But infused with fruit, it can be a whole different story. Here are some of our favorite setups featuring flavored water to get the juices flowing (pun intended!).



















Fun to Drink

Another way to convince people to drink more water: Make it fun. Encouraging more H2O consumption can be as easy as supplying the right vessel. Here are some ideas.