Workstations Done Right

The right setup for your meeting

Getting the setup just right for your meeting is one of the most important things on any planner’s checklist. If you’re hosting a meeting with the purpose to Educate or Decide, part of that setup includes the perfect workstation. Do you have the supplies each attendee needs to get the best out of the meeting? Is the seating comfortable but not too comfortable (read: nap-inducing)? Is the setting conducive to group or individual work as needed? With a visit to our Inspiration Gallery, we’ve rounded up some of the best examples to help you with your setup planning. 

Light the Way

Research shows that among all of the fancy offerings workspaces allow, access to natural light and a view of the outdoors are the No. 1 things American workers want in their working spaces—a finding applicable outside of the States, too, as studies show that exposure to nature enhances creativity. Fulfill guests’ wishes by opting for meeting rooms with lots of windows to let the light in.

Channel the Noise

Too much noise can be a distraction, but too little of it when needed (to hear a speaker in a large room or listen to a presentation, for example) can be frustrating for attendees, too. Create a space that can limit extra noise by balancing it with white noise or a soft background soundtrack, or enhance acoustics by placing speakers appropriately throughout the space.

Keep It Open

For meetings that require heavy collaboration, consider an open setup that will allow guests to move freely about the event space to talk, network or collaborate.

Minimize Tech Distractions

Technology has done a lot to push the meetings industry forward, but it can also be distracting and limit an attendee’s focus. Emphasize in-person interaction by creating networking spaces that rely less on tech and more on conversation. 

Casual Vibes

A casual setting like this one will take the pressure off in a Decide meeting, and aide in the creativity of a meeting with the purpose to Produce! Comfortable seating, fizzy beverages and colorful supplies keep the mood light but purposeful. 

Privacy, Please

For occasions when members need some privacy, dividers are a simple and effective option. Breaking off from a larger group to get some work done doesn’t require much more than a space like this, which is still comfortable and accommodating.  

Variety Is the Spice

Varied seating options complete with the necessary supplies — as well as surfaces for writing or using a computer — allow your group to complete a series of tasks all in the same room. Mix it up with casual and more formal furniture, with plenty of space to move around.