The “You” in YouTube

Using yoga, aromatherapy and meditation to increase productivity.

Thanks to the abundance and variety of content, YouTube has become one of the most popular search engines at your disposal (it’s second only to Google). While the video-based platform has spurred the rise of many a video star (looking at you, Justin Bieber), it’s also a fantastic tool for meeting and event planners. So if you haven’t already created a YouTube page for your meeting or event, now is a good time to do so. Here are our tips for using YouTube as a promotional tool before and after your event.

Commercial Break

If you want to ramp up anticipation of your event, look to YouTube as a place to house a series of promotional teaser videos. Drive future or would-be attendees to your page using social media or a digital newsletter, and create excitement for the upcoming meeting or event with commercial-style clips: information about keynote speakers, a look back at the previous year, even user-submitted footage.

Lesson Plan

If your event involves any sort of presentation, speaker or educational session, look to YouTube as a place to store those sessions for later. Hire a professional to record each presentation, and upload them to YouTube after the event concludes. Your attendees can refer to the videos long after the meeting is over, and people who couldn’t attend will have access to what they missed. In addition, this is another way to lure future guests to your event, if it’s held on a continuing basis.

Live Event Coverage

For larger events, consider a man-on-the-street style of reporting. Ask someone from your team to interview attendees at the event — they can walk the show floor, sit at a banquet table or speak to those preparing to give speeches. This functions as both testimonial and promotion because you can share with your YouTube page visitors what everyone is saying about your meeting, while also using that feedback in your postmortem evaluations.

Memory Lane

If your event is designed with the purpose to Celebrate or Promote, speakers and educational sessions may not be what you’re looking to preserve. But that’s all the better — there’s nothing quite like watching the highlights of an event long after the guests have gone home. Preserve the memories of a job well done with a highlight reel (or multiple video clips) that you can direct guests to once they’ve returned home. What better way to keep the spirit of your meeting alive for years to come?