Your Day-Of Event Checklist

It’s event day: Here’s what to do to make sure your meeting goes as planned

After weeks of planning, the day of your event has arrived. You wake up in the morning, and—well, what’s next?

Use this day-of event checklist to ensure that every last-minute detail is taken care of so your event will go off without a hitch.

When You First Wake Up

  • Have a cup of coffee or hit the gym. The energy boost will ensure that you’re awake and ready to tackle the day. 
  • Eat a full, healthy breakfast. Food might be the last thing on your mind, but a meal in the morning replenishes your body and fuels it for the day, potentially improving concentration and memory. That said, try to avoid dishes with a lot of sugar, which can deplete your energy levels by midday.  

At the Venue

  • Check in with your team. Has anything changed while you were sleeping that needs to be addressed immediately? Or, do team members or specific details need extra attention?
  • Confirm last-minute details with vendors, speakers and other event partners. For instance, if your keynote speaker is flying in that morning, track the flight. If he or she is experiencing a delay, it’s better to know sooner rather than later so you have time to get creative with alternate options, if need be. A speaker stranded because of weather, for instance, might be able to videoconference in to the meeting if it’s impossible to be there in person
  • Test all technology. There’s nothing worse than a microphone that cuts out or a presentation that doesn’t load properly due to technical difficulties. 
  • Check in with attendees. Whether it’s an email or social media posts, make sure to remind attendees that today is the day! Include any relevant information they might need on what to bring or what to leave at home.
  • Check table settings and name badges. Is every fork and attendee accounted for? 
  • Snack and take breaks as needed. Getting ready for an event can be overwhelming. Remember to take time for yourself—even just five minutes—to help you de-stress

Right Before Showtime

  • Take a deep breath. Even if your pre-meeting ritual was stressful, the countdown is on for attendees to arrive. Shake off the bad energy with a few cleansing deep breaths.
  • Greet attendees. Stand up straight and smile: Positive body language and nonverbal cues will set the tone for the rest of the meeting.

During the Meeting

  • Be reachable. Attendees, team members, sponsors, vendors—if a hitch in the plan comes up midmeeting, people will need to be able to get ahold of you. 

After the Event

  • Update the budget. With official receipts and other financial documents in hand, update your event management software with the final totals.
  • Send thank-you’s. Planning an event takes a village, so extend your gratitude to all those who helped bring it to life. Just remember to segment your audience and craft thank-you’s based on each recipient. You wouldn’t send the same thank-you notes to attendees as you would sponsors, for example. 
  • Deploy your post-meeting survey. Your event might have been stellar, but there’s always room for improvement. Sending out a post-meeting survey gives attendees the chance to offer feedback, which you can use as a guide to an even  better event next time around.