Your Face on a Latte: Event Planning’s Latest Instagram-Ready Trend

With printable cappuccinos and lattes featuring your company’s unique logo, guests will be Instagramming before the first sip

If it wasn’t posted to Instagram, it never happened, right?

When it comes to latte art––one of the most awe-inducing and photo-ready coffee movements to arise in recent years––that phrase is especially apt. From leaves to flowers to abstract geometric shapes, coffee houses across the country are using the beverage trend to inspire patrons to photograph frothy masterpieces and ultimately draw more guests in.

However, just because your company doesn’t brew artisanal coffee on the regular doesn’t mean you can’t (and shouldn’t) capitalize on this trend, too. Here are some fun, unique ways to wow your guests with latte and cappuccino art.

Your Logo on a Latte

Plastering your company’s name on pens, stickers or other mostly discardable trinkets can be both costly and pretty forgettable as a marketing tactic. But when that self-promotion comes in the form of latte art, despite being consumed within seconds, that logo has the potential to live on––via Instagram likes, of course.

Coffee Ripples specializes in customizable, printable latte and cappuccino art in less than 10 seconds, able to reproduce even highly intricate objects onto foam.

See Their Face on a Cappuccino (and Drink It, Too)

Although promoting your brand on top of a latte is a clever marketing tactic, if getting your guests to mingle, laugh and have their phones at the ready to take pictures is the goal, look no further than a foamy selfie.

In addition to objects, Coffee Ripples also specializes in printing real-life caricatures from photographs, giving your guests the chance to see their own faces in cappuccino almost instantly.  

According to Brian Jaymont, global operations beverage manager for Marriott International, cappuccinos with photos printed on them can be an especially fun wedding event idea.

“For weddings, one unique application we came up with was actually being able to take the photo from the ceremony and upload and print that onto a custom dessert or drink for the evening reception,” he says. “There is an instant ‘wow’ as we are uploading digital photos from the ceremony and instantly putting them into the celebratory meal.”

“The machine really allows for printing anything that the client or chef’s imagination allows,” Jaymont added.

DIY Artist

If owning Coffee Ripples’ intricate latte art machine isn’t in your budget, look no further than simple, DIY-inspired latte art on YouTube.

Uploaded mainly by baristas with an artful eye, these video tutorials are fairly easy to follow. Consider giving your designated cappuccino creator a brief tutorial or allowing guests to design masterpieces themselves.