Your Guide to Using Video at Events

Use these simple strategies when saying “Lights! Camera! Action!”

When it comes to getting someone’s attention online, video is king. 

Ninety-three percent of marketers have landed a new customer thanks to a promotional video shared on social media. And 94 percent of events that use video in some form saw a resulting boost, according to a 2018 Eventbrite survey of event creators. But more than half of those surveyed didn’t use video last year—meaning that half of them were missing an opportunity to showcase their event and brand. 

The good news? Even small efforts produced on a tight budget can make a big impact. That’s because consumers are hungry for colorful, bite-size clips shared on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube—platforms where organic content can find a mass audience.  

Here’s how to do it: 

Share Content in Advance 

A well-executed video teaser can stand out in a busy social media feed. That helps drive interest and, with a clear call to action at the end, ticket sales. Consider including footage from past events, greetings from a keynote speaker or guest testimonials. 

Follow the hallmarks of effective online video: shorter than 60 seconds and mobile-friendly (think bright colors and no visual clutter). And, because much digital content is consumed without volume, add closed-captioning-style text to highlight key details.

Go Live During the Event

Giving access to guests who can’t attend in person—as well as those torn between concurrent sessions or seated far from the action—via livestreaming is a great way to extend the reach of your event. Facebook Live and YouTube are major players here, but there are a number of other hosts available. 

On a more informal level, unfiltered sharing on the fly also has big appeal. Whether it’s an Instagram Stories post from a bustling convention floor or an intimate backstage Snapchat, these updates offer a casual, cost-effective way to give the inside scoop. 

Relive Memories Afterward 

After the dust settles, consider posting a highlight reel or sending an email with “best of” moments capturing the strongest insights and surges of fun. Standout speeches or seminars could find extended life as on-demand video via your website or other social channels.

Taking stock of what you’ve filmed is also key for generating social media posts in the days after the event—and marketing next year’s gathering, too. After all, what clicked with your guests in person is likely to resonate in film clips targeting repeat business.