Your Post-Meeting Checklist

The attendees have all left, the tables are all folded up and the presentations are tucked away—but your work is just beginning.

The event’s not over—until it’s over. And that point comes a bit later for event planners. After the attendees leave the conference, meeting or event, make sure you tie up loose ends, build positive relationships with key players and reflect on the event’s success.

Gather Feedback

Hopefully, you’ve set up a system for gathering attendee feedback during and after the event. Once the meeting is over, you’ll want to make sense of that feedback to better guide your future planning efforts. Find out what worked and what didn’t work.

But it’s not just the attendees you’ll want feedback from. Hold a post-meeting meeting with the vendors, hotel staff and venue staff you worked with to get their feedback about the effectiveness of the event. Not only is a little constructive criticism from these key players helpful in its own right, but also, soliciting it helps build relationships with future planning partners.

Keep the Conversation Going

Assuming you had a robust social media strategy for your event, make sure the conversation doesn’t die the day after the event. Give attendees and the larger social audience a reason to continue “liking” your Facebook page, following you on Twitter and tracking your event hashtag. Provide them useful information that is relevant to the event topic throughout the year—this will make attracting a returning crowd that much easier.

Generously Offer Thanks

Sending thank-you notes or emails to all parties involved in your event is a must. It’s best to reach out to your organization’s staff, the hotel or venue staff, vendors and speakers to say a simple “thank you.” It goes a long way, and they’ll likely be happy to work with you on future events.

Logistical Wrap-Up

If you’ve traveled to host an event, then before leaving the hotel or other venue, make sure all of your supplies are boxed up, addressed and ready to ship.

In addition, make sure you take the time to go over the venue bill and make note of all other expenses for speakers, vendors and staff so you are able to balance the books and better budget in the future.